Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Watercolor showers

Hey hey..

How are you all? Missed me? :P Well I missed the blogger world, ALOT. Sometimes I lay on my bed and decide what I want to write on my blog in the morning. And then that morning never came :/ That's how life is, right? You plan, and then you see them changing on their own.
Anyhoo, thanks to Artful Crafting and their continuous challenges. They keep people like me grounded and normal :D
This time round, the challenge is Watercolor. Which is tough medium. I have seen thousands of videos before start working on my entry. But even thouh when I grabbed the paint brush, i was confused to death. I was scared.
Shuker though that I found a veryyy easy tutorial on YT. I forgot the name, but I'll link the vdo once I find the vdo again.
So this is what I have put together. The technique involves rubber stamps and wet on wet technique. Which was a tornado to pass. lol. But i managed somehow, and ended up with these two cards.
Below is the close up of sparkly flowers, thanks to my new wink of stella. I have used that EVERYWHERE now.

 The second card is slightly simple. Well simple is hard to manage. i wanted to give a soft watercolor wash in the background with monochromatic tilda as a highlight. I have added wink of stella on the hearts here. This tilda is the most adorable stamp in my stash. May God give me enough cash to collect all the tildas :D But for now this tilda with hearts, ladies & gents.

Pleaseeee let me know if you like it, or not. I'll be more than happy to get encouragement and healthy criticism.
Jazakillah for visiting.