Sunday, 17 March 2013

Document your life!!

Hey beautifuls!!

I hope you all are having a wonderful and comfy sunday. I am going to spend my entire day re-organizing my stuff. I feel that my craft studio needs my attention today. So no more lazy sunday today, i have to WORK! ;)

I just thought to share some of my scrapbooks that I created over the years.
Documenting every moment is my favorite thing to do. And a scrapbook/keepsake/mini album/whatever you call it; is the best thing to store all the photos and the moments altogether.
This is the first ever scrapbook I made for myself.
I used cardboard as my cover. Covered it with burlap. Added a metal hinge to the spine to give it more of a finished look. These letters were cut by my gorgeous gang (my nieces). Whenever I start a new project, both my nieces want me to give them some work too. Seeing their joyful faces when I ask for any small help, is AMAZING! :)
This is 12x12 inches in size and has 15 pages inside.
This album was for my brother and his family. I spend one whole month on this album. YES! A complete month. Can you imagine that?? Its HUGE! And FAT!! My brother even paid me for this album *happy moment* :D

This was for my sister! Her wonderful kids loved it so much that the youngest one made a Thank you card for me. Yeah, i know! Such a sweetest thing ever. :D

Then, a dear friend of my dear niece, asked for a mini album for her favorite photos.
I cannot share all the inside photos, because of their private photos. So yeaH! She wanted the cover to be REALLY simple! So I just added some(Or more) inky splashes and a hand-died lace. She loved it.
This best friend album has my favorite papers and embellishments. Everything by Prima is LOVE!
You can see more photos over here.

This bird house mini was another favorite of mine. I used DCWV papers in it.
MME sunshine paper pad is beautiful and summery. This is a small album, 3x3 in size. My sister-in-law loved it so much, now she have this :)
My sister got married in August 2012, this was for her! Used K&Company's beautiful paper and a colorful corrugated as a cover for this album. Look at these flowers :)
LOVEEEEE this paper line. Romance Novel: everyone's favorite!! I can spend hours staring at this beauty. :D Its a 6x6 inches mini album.
Another 6x6 inches mini album, with TONS of embellishments and photo mats. I even added a ribbon closure to that. You can see more photos in this album.
Thats another customized order. This album contains 14 pages, one for the mom and dad, one for each month and one for the birthday photos of the baby girl. :)
You can find more photos here!
Okay so this is my latest project. I used American Crafts Seen & noted paper for this album. Its a 6x8 customized mini album. This album comes in a red box :)
PHEW!! I think its enough for now. I dont even have few photos available atm.
I love what I do. And i feel great pleasure when people love what I do. :)
~Happy Sunday, ya'll..

Friday, 8 March 2013

March Craft challenge: Week 1.

Hello again.

While I am trying really hard to understand this whole blog thing, I thought to share my latest project with you all.
March, being Craft month, is celebrated by all us crafters. Me and a friend "Saba" over at decided to play our part. We pick a theme and made a project for the first week.
Our theme was "HOLDERS". It could be anything; a box, an envelope, a bag, and so on.

Saba did an altered cylinder that she called "sweet smiles". 
I just love the way she put together this amazing cylinder. So much work.

So for my project, I have this old ugly-looking box lying in my room for ages. We used to keep our keys and some found things in this box. 

I have been looking for an opportunity to alter this box, so this was pretty much the PERFECT moment to go for it. :)
I took the dimensions and started cutting my papers. I chose Yellow chevron paper from American Crafts Seen & Noted paper line, because my niece did not want me to change the color of the box. Hence yellow has to be my only choice. lol
Anyway, I gessoed the whole box first. And then adhered red cardstock on all 4 sides. I chosed red because I wanted the yellow to pop out properly.

Only one rule for the challenge is to use ONE HANDMADE EMBELLISHMENT on your project. I made this yellow flower using 25 punched out hearts that measures 1". Hearts were white originally, I colored them and distressed them using Mustard seed and vintage photo DIs.
Added some punched flowers and punched butterflies and a lil bit of pearl string. This lace was a gift from a very dear friend.

I had heaps of fun altering this box. Now my mom is very happy having this box in our living room, all prettified and adorned :D
Now whenever we have a visitor, my mum proudly show this box to them. *happiest moment*

I hope you like my box. And I hope that you'll leave your comments aswell..
Much Love.

Rise n Shine, Sunshine!

Assalam-o-Alaikum everyone!

First and foremost, thank you for visiting my blog. I'm fairly new, so please forgive me for all the flaws and umms, emms, yeahs. lol. I know I'm going to use 'em alot.

Emm so first of all, let me introduce myself to all you wonderful people. I'm Khadija. A rainbow lover, scrapbooking addict, colorful, junk artist, journal-writer, card maker, pizza lover, vintagey, talkative, very sensitive AND a blessed person!

Scrapbooking is my passion. I used to prettify my notebooks and diaries when I was teeny-weeny school going kiddo. I used to add tons of photos in my daily journal, and my friends used to ask me that WHY ARE YOU WASTING YOUR TIME IN IT? But I always felt good doing this. Spending money on pink hairbands, or funky clutches was never my choice. Every month, when my mom handed me the pocket money, i started counting on how can I get max. number of crafty things in this amount. lol.

Thank goodness everything is available online now, So no big deal for anyone.

I love making albums. Preserving memorable moments is so FUN. Daily journal a.k.a Smash booking is another essential part of my life. Altering is one of the newest time-pass. I altered quite a number of notebooks for my nieces and their friends. Its always good to see them using those notebooks now. :)

So yeah, my passion is moving along with a good speed, Mashallah. I am going to hit 1000 fans on my Facebook page. For that, i'm pretty excited. I am also pretty positive that I'll find some new friends over at this wonderful blog too.